Memory Lane: Traveling through time on Google maps

google street view nb

Google is now offering trips down memory lane on its digital maps…

Google Glass wearer attacked in SF

google glass nb

Google Glass wearer attacked in SF…

Google to sell “Explorer” Glass to bigger pool of consumers

google glass nb

A lot more people are about to get a chance to own the Internet-connected eyewear known as Google Glass…

Winners of Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards

Google, Business Winner of Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards (KTSF)

The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards are presented to organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals whose programs and leadership have advanced water conservation…

Google redesigns Android to power smartwatches

The “Android Wear” operating system is an altered version of Google’s popular software that powers more than 1 billion of the world’s smartphones and tablets…

Google cameras take rafting trip at Grand Canyon

google grand canyon nb

Google has taken its all-seeing eyes on a trip that few experience: the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon….

Google donated $6.8 million for youth Muni passes

Google logo nb

Google covers free Muni for low income youth

google nb

The $6.8 million gift is one of the largest private contributions towards direct City services in San Francisco history…

Google Glass sparks fight at California bar


San Francisco police are trying to identify three suspects in an altercation over Google glass at a city bar…

Google: Don’t be a “glasshole”

google glass nb

Google: don’t be a “glasshole”

Google aims to provide broadband in 34 more cities

google fiber nb

Google is planning to offer high-speed Internet service in 34 more cities scattered across eight states in an ambitious…

SF: commission says ‘Google Barge’ must get permit or leave Treasure Island

Google Secretive Barges nb

The “Google barge” under construction off of San Francisco’s Treasure Island will have to move or get a permit from a state commission tasked with overseeing the Bay…

Google builds a ‘Nest’ for future smart homes

Nest Lab smart themostat

When our Internet-connected gadgets and home appliances all learn to talk to each other, Google wants to be at the center of the conversation…

Google’s top five most-searched athletes

2011 Track and Field - Meeting Areva - Samsung Diamond League Press Conference - July 6, 2011

(中文) Google 公佈2013年體壇中最多人搜尋的人物,結果發現醜聞和悲劇最能吸引公眾關注,而排名頭兩名的運動員則有著一個共通點,就是他們都被控謀殺…

Google deal adds to company’s robotics toolbox

cheetah nb

Google may build robots that resemble props in science-fiction movies as the ambitious Internet company expands…

Google, Microsoft ramp up fight against online child pornography

(中文) Google和Microsoft今天宣布,將發展新技術,聯手阻擋網路搜尋兒童色情圖像內容…

Governments mining Google for more personal data

google nb

Google has become less likely to comply with government demands for its users’ online activities as authorities in the U.S. and other countries become more aggressive about mining the Internet for personal data.

Google barge is a floating studio

Google Secretive Barges nb

Google barge is a floating studio…

Google opens how-to shop with live video advice

Google is opening a how-to shop that will sell expert advice on everything from cosmetics to the cosmos in live video sessions streamed on computers and smartphones…

What is Google building out in San Francisco Bay?

Google Secretive Barges nb

What exactly is it that Google is building in San Francisco Bay?…

Photo Gallery: Mystery barges on both coasts

Google Secretive Barges nb

Three mysterious structures on the water in California and Maine have the tech world abuzz…

Google retools Internet search engine

Google says it recently overhauled the closely guarded formula that runs its influential Internet search engine to give better answers…

Entertainment industry sounds alarm on piracy

piracy nb

The music and movie industries are sounding the alarm again on online piracy, saying illegal downloads are on the rise..

Google Wallet vs Apple iOS7 Passsbook

gogole wallet nb

Google is bringing its digital wallet to the iPhone in its latest attempt to upstage Apple on its own popular device.

Google, Southwest workers have one of the best 401k’s

There’s a good chance Google employees and Southwest airlines pilots have a better 4-0-1-k plan than you do…

Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail

Google’s attorneys say their long-running practice of electronically scanning the contents of people’s Gmail accounts to help sell ads is legal…

New Motorola phone offers customization

With Google as its new owner, Motorola is introducing the Moto X, a phone notable for innovations in manufacturing…

Starbucks to partner with Google to upgrade Wi-Fi

Starbucks says it’s reached a deal to partner with Google that will allow it to offer its customers dramatically faster Wi-Fi service…

Google wants to bring free Wi-Fi to SF parks

Google wants to bring free Wi-Fi to 31 San Francisco parks..

Google unveils new higher priced Nexus 7

Google is introducing a sleeker version of its Nexus 7 tablet as it escalates its battle with Apple and Amazon…