AB2293 for TNC’s insurance approved


AB2293 for TNC’s insurance approved…

Former care nurse charged with elder abuse, tax, unemployment fraud


A former nursing assistant has been charged with stealing from an elderly Salinas woman in her care…

Billions at risk as West Coast Port contract ends


Contract covering nearly 20,000 West Coast dockworkers about to expire, worrying businesses about possible cargo disruptions….

California drought leads to water theft


One homeowner in Central Valley found his water tank drained by thieves. That tank holds 2,500 gallons of water…

Panel OKs 2 percent raise for California officials


A citizens’ commission has approved 2% cost-of-living salary increases for lawmakers and statewide officials…

“Peanut” and “Quasi Modo” leading online, fun vote for ugliest dog

ugly dog nb

“Peanut” appears to be running away with the popular, online vote in Sonoma-Marin Fair’s Ugly Dog…

US suspect’s ‘handsome’ mug shot goes viral

Jeremy Meeks nb

A handsome mug shot of a California man arrested on felony weapons charges has gone viral on social media…

Blackbird found mostly in California declines

blackbird nb

Scientists say a blackbird species found mostly in the Central Valley has experienced a major decline in its population over the last several years…

George Clooney ‘considering ‘a run for governor of California

George Clooney nb

George Clooney plans to run governor of California…

California fish evacuated due to drought

rainbow trout nb

Rainbow trout and steelhead are being evacuated from two hatcheries amid concern California’s drought…