Hong Kong students, officials talk but don’t agree


Hong Kong student leaders and government officials talked but agreed on little Tuesday…

HK police says Mongkok on the verge of riot


Hong Kong police said the protest zone in Mong Kok is on the verge of riot…

HK government prepare talks with student leaders


Hong Kong government representatives and pro-democracy student leaders will hold a talk on Tuesday

HK leader claims ‘external forces’ involved in protests


Hong Kong’s leader has claimed that “external forces” are participating in student-led pro-democracy protests…

New scuffles break out at Hong Kong protest site


New scuffles broke out Friday night between Hong Kong riot police and pro-democracy activists in Mongkok…

Hong Kong leader offers talks as anger mounts


Hong Kong’s leader tried to soothe tensions with student-led democracy protesters by reviving an offer of talks…

Officers suspended for allegedly beating protester


Seven Hong Kong police officers who were allegedly beating up a handcuffed protester have been suspended…

Questions raised over C.Y. Leung payment from Australian firm


The payment from a Australian firm to Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung has raised questions whether it should be disclosed…

Students march to Hong Kong Government House to protest


Students marched to the Government House and demanded to meet with Chief Executive C.Y. Leung…

Hong Kong suspect arrested for stabbing brother to death


A 38-year-old man stabbed his older brother to death in broad daylight in Mongkok, Hong Kong…