Texas solider faces charges of beating daughter to death


A Fort Bliss soldier was charged with capital murder after they say he beat his 2-year-old daughter to death…

Texas mom found not guilty in strangling of 2 kids


A Texas woman accused of strangling her two special-needs children because she wanted “normal kids” has been found not guilty…

Girl, 5, trapped inside running washing machine


Police say a 5-year-old Texas girl has been hospitalized after she was trapped inside a running washing machine…

Prosecutor: Father shooting driver was ‘execution’

boys killed nb

A prosecutor tells jurors that a Texas father took the law into his own hands and publicly executed a drunk driver in a fit …

Teen lives undetected at Texas Wal-Mart for 2 days


A teenager lived undetected at a 24-hour Wal-Mart in Texas for a couple of days after running away from his aunt’s home….

Police: Texas boy, 7, shoots 8-year-old cousin


Texas City police say an 8-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in the face by his 7-year-old cousin…

Backlash in Texas rape sentence


A Texas judge gave the defendant a 45-day sentence after implying that the victim was promiscuous…

More than 20 US company employees on missing flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines missling flight MH370 had more than 20 passengers who work for the US company…

Texas police parks in handicapped spot

a texas woman says a trip to a restaurant with her disabled son became much harder after a police officer took a handicapped parking space.

Photo Gallery: Texas college stabbing

A student went on a building-to-building stabbing attack at a Texas community college Tuesday, wounding at least 14 people…