Alibaba’s first US debut with

11 main nb

China’s largest e-commerce company is making its first appearance in the U.S. with the debut of…

Google buying satellite maker Skybox for $500M

Google nb

Google is buying Skybox Imaging which will enhance the quality and immediacy of the satellite imagery used in its digital maps…

Amazon launches paypal competitor

amazon payments nb

Amazon has launched a service known as amazon payments that allows consumers to use their Amazon…

Highest paying companies for interns in Bay Area


Highest paying companies for interns in Bay Area…

“iFone” trumps iPhone in Mexico trademark ruling


Mexico’s intellectual property agency said Friday it has ruled in favor of a small local firm’s rights to the “iFone” name….

China becomes world’s largest e-commerce market


China becomes world’s largest e-commerce market…

Barnes & Noble to make Nook tablets with Samsung


Barnes & Noble says that it is teaming up with Samsung to develop Nook tablets…

Messaging app Line mulls IPO


Messaging app Line is preparing an initial public offering in the United States and Tokyo possible in November this year…

New Apple Mac, mobile features coming this fall

Apple WWDC nb

Apple’s Mac operating system will have easier ways to share and search, while the iOS software for iPhones and iPads is getting new features…

Samsung set to sell first Tizen phone in 3Q


Samsung will begin selling a smartphone that runs on its Tizen operating system in the third quarter of this year…