Obamacare enrollment begins Saturday


本週六15日是奧巴馬健保計畫2015年度登記開始的日子…Saturday begins round two for Obamacare enrollment…

San Diego panhandler drives a Mercedes Benz

pregnant beggar nb

A woman in San Diego says she saw a pregnant woman begging for money… later drive off in a Mercedes Benz…

US college prices continue to creep up


Time to stock up on the ramen noodles. The average cost of attending college crept up again this year…

The house in Godfather movie is up for sale

godfather house nb

A New York City house featured in “The Godfather” is on the market for just under $3 million….

Mother and daughter give birth on same day


A woman and her daughter both gave birth at the same hospital on the same day…

Volkswagen Golf name Motor Trend “Car of the Year”


The newly redesigned Volkswagen Golf compact car is Motor Trend Magazine’s 2015 Car of the Year…

US confirms climate agency websites hacked

hacking nb

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency confirmed that four websites were “compromised by an Internet-sourced attack…

DC woman spends $35K on search for lost dog

lost dog nb

A District of Columbia woman has spent more than $35,000 in the past year trying to find her beloved missing dog…

Andrus Farm employees accused of abusing cows

cow abuse nb

An dairy farm has come under fire after a leaked video shows employees allegedly abusing cows on the farm…

Boston bombing survivor has leg amputated


A Boston marathon bombing victim from Katy, Texas had her leg amputated Monday after a year and a half of recovery…