California couple charged in a child porn scheme

A California couple is charged in a child pornography scheme….

CA shuts down10 fraudulent insurance websites

California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced today that her office has shut down 10 private health insurance websites…

Montana man plows proposal into cornfield

One Montana man decided “corny” was the way to go for his proposal to his girlfriend…

Guide dog dispute cancels flight from Philly to NY

A dispute involving a blind man, his guide dog and an airline crew led to the cancellation of a flight from Philadelphia to New York….

Tesla employees suffer burns in industrial accident

Three employees suffered moderate to serious burns in an industrial accident at the Tesla Motors plant…

White House responds to Jimmy Kimmel protest

White House responses to Jimmy Kimmel protest petition..

Best jobs in America

(中文) CNN做的一項調查,根據薪水、發展潛力和滿足感列出美國100個最好的工作. 今年最好的工作大部分在醫學和科技領域…

4 Marines killed in California training accident

Marine Corps officials say four Marines have been killed in a training accident at Camp Pendleton in Southern California…

LA mom accused of kidnapping 2 sons, faces charges

Authorities are looking for a Los Angeles mother who took her two sons on a trip to central Europe last year and never returned.

Firefighter nearly falls off balcony

A firefighter in Arizona got quite a scare while battling a fire Tuesday near Phoenix…