Kid dresses up in KKK costume

Halloween is over, but the controversy surrounding a child’s costume in Virginia is lingering. A seven-year-old boy in Craigsville dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Georgia man accidentally sets wife on fire

A man caught on camera sparking a gas station fire that burned his wife is now facing criminal charges…

Ventura, CA sues mushroom farm over fire

The city and county of Ventura, Calif., plan to sue one of the country’s largest mushroom farms to try to recoup costs from fighting a stubborn compost fire there last month.

Woman lived with ex-husband’s body after murder

A woman is accused of killing her ex husband and living with his body for a week before …

Parents collect signatures to try to overturn AB 1266

Parents collect signatures to try to overturn AB 1266…

CA man fatally beaten, wife injured in attack

Authorities in Northern California say one arrest has made following an attack that left an elderly man dead and his wife in critical condition.

US fire officials see danger in paper sky lanterns

Thin paper sky lanterns, lit from inside by candles that send them floating aloft, have been popular for centuries at Asian festivals…

Grand jury to hear deadly Vegas Strip crash case

A grand jury is expected to hear evidence against a California man being held on multiple felony charges in a Las Vegas Strip crash that killed an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer and a relative.

Humorous video response to ‘Kill Everyone in China”

Humorous Video Response to ‘Kill Everyone in China”…

New quality complaints about Lululemon pants

Just a few months after Lululemon Athletica pulled yoga pants from shelves because they were too sheer…