Law requires Chinese to visit their aging parents

Mothers and fathers aren’t the only ones urging adult children to visit their parents. China’s lawbooks are now issuing the same imperative….

HK protests to demand Beijing-backed leader resign

Tens of thousands of Hong Kongers took to the streets in protest Monday, demanding their widely disliked Beijing-backed leader resign…

93-year-old woman saved while “hanging” from third-floor balcony

A 93-year-old woman, suffering cerebella atrophy for years, was saved by a passerby when “hanging” from the rails of her third-floor balcony

China asks if ‘happy ending’ services are illegal

China’s law enforcers are having an unusually public debate about a delicate topic: Do paid sexual services known as “happy endings” at massage parlors count as crimes if they don’t

Graduates get plastic surgery to find jobs

College graduates in China are facing a tough job market. Some of them are getting plastic surgeries to increase their chances of finding jobs…

No gold rush in China despite price slide

The latest plunge in gold prices did not trigger an onslaught of Chinese shoppers rushing to jewelry shops to buy gold…

Chinese firm accused of stealing US software

China’s largest wind turbine company and three people are accused of trade secrets from a U.S. software company…

Chinese driver shows off driving in front of policeman

A driver recently showed off his driving skills by circling and drifting around a parking lot in the city of Yantai, east China’s Shandong Province…

China’s west erupts in violence 2nd time in 3 days

A tense minority region in China’s far west erupted in violence Friday for the second time in three days

China confirms pollution brought about cancer village

The Chinese government has confirmed that the high rate of cancer cases in certain villages is caused by water pollution…