China: Filmmaker Zhang Yimou flouted 1-child rule

Famed film director Zhang Yimou and his wife violated China’s strict family planning rules by having three children without …

Hong Kong ferry hits unknown object, 87 hurt

A high-speed ferry heading from Hong Kong to Macau hit an unidentified object off an outlying island in the predawn Friday…

Missing baby in Shanghai found dead

Missing baby in Shanghai found dead, the body was left in the washing machine at home…

Beggars bring camels to ask for money from stores

(中文) 在內地,行乞的招數層出不窮。在浙江有乞丐不帶老弱傷殘,而帶了一隻龐然大物,看著牠,你會否施捨呢?

Beijing destroys barbecue grills to cut pollution

Beijing is waging a war against air pollution, one barbecue at a time….

Three-year-old girl in China suffers from hairy back

A three-year-old girl in southwest China’s Yunnan Province has been suffering from a rare disease …

Hong Kong mother finds 6-month baby missing

HongKong mother found 6-month baby missing after showing the way to two strangers. ..

Young cashier in China stays calm during robbery

A young cashier in Nanning City, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was extremely calm when facing a robber…

Rumor says Ed Lee is possible U.S. ambassador to China

(中文) 駱家輝閃辭,灣區有媒體稱,舊金山市長李孟賢是繼任熱門人選,不過這個說法,遭李孟賢否認……

Baby believed to be dead found alive in China funeral home

A funeral home discovered a baby was alive two days after he was pronounced dead at a hospital in eastern China….