Chinese woman learns to write at 100 years old


A Chinese Great-Grandmother proves it’s never too late to learn…

Mother and baby rescue from car wreck in Shenzhen


A mother and her baby were rescued after a fatal car crash in Shenzhen, China…

Acting class for kids a big hit in China


Thousands of parents are sending their kids to acting class during the summer vacation in China…

Fujian boy slapped by stranger in elevator


Video shows a boy in Fujian, China was slapped in the face by a female stranger in an elevator…

China reprimands online companies for spread of sex video

uniqlo nb

Sex may sell, but a steamy video purportedly taken inside a Uniqlo fitting room in Beijing is giving the clothing retailer some uncomfortable attention….

Passerby saves boy from fall in China


A passerby saved a boy from falling from a building in China…

Chinese reform politician Wan Li dies at 99


Wan Li, a Chinese politician known for his reform policies, died Wednesday at the age of 99…

China’s 2Q economic growth steady at 7%


China’s economic growth in the latest quarter held steady at 7 percent, its weakest performance since the global crisis…

Chinese media slam human rights lawyers as rabble-rousers


China’s state media on Tuesday accused more than two dozen human rights lawyers rounded up…

Water quality questionable in Guangzhou swimming pools


Water quality in 30% swimming pool in Guangzhou deemed sub-standard…