China investigates brother of ex-president’s aide


The vice chairman of Shanxi province’s political advisory body, Ling Zhengce, was under investigation…

Tiger tries to board boat of Chinese fisherman

tiger nb

A siberian tiger tries to board boat of Chinese fisherman in Heilongjiang. ..

China says it’s moving 2nd oil rig closer to Vietnam


China said Thursday it is moving a second oil rig closer to Vietnam’s coast…

China jails citizen activists up to 6 1/2 years


A court in China imposed jail terms on three activists who have urged government officials to publicly disclose their assets…

Is eating dog meat a culinary tradition in China?

yuling dog feature nb

The battle between the culture of eating dog meat in China and humanitarianism…

Chinese media: 17 soldiers killed in armory blast


An accidental explosion ripped through an armory in central China and killed 17 soldiers…

China says 127 students hired others for exam

gaokao nb

At least 127 test-takers in a Chinese province hired other people to take the country’s all-important college entrance exam…

China is developing policy on skilled immigration


China has only issued about 5,000 “green cards” to foreign applicants in the past 10 years…

China dog-eaters dodge activists with early feast

yuling dog feature nb

The controversy of the dog meat festival in Guangxi China….

Guangxi chef’s incredible knife skills


A chef in Guangxi has gained his fame with his quick knife skills…