Yalek Huynh

Yalek Huynh
Managing Editor / Anchor
Chinese News at 7


Yalek Huynh is co-anchor and managing editor for the KTSF Channel 26 Cantonese Evening News. He has been part of the KTSF news team since the beginning of the weekday broadcasts in 1989. As a writer, he specializes in providing in-depth analysis of international news. Yalek fluently speaks four languages–Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French and some Vietnamese. His knowledge of language and culture makes him an excellent reporter as well as a host for special events.

Huynh is convinced that an important news story should not only convey a sense of history but a message on human conditions.This is particularly true in witnessing the evolution in world affairs. His insights have enhanced KTSF’s coverage on many important events including the collapse of socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the wars in the Persian Gulf, Balkans, and Africa and the Middle East peace process.

As a well-recognized journalist, Huynh is the co-host of the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, broadcast annually on KTSF in Cantonese and Mandarin. Some of Huynh’s more recent community projects include being an emcee for the Chinatown New Year Flower Fair 2000.

Yalek Huynh studied Journalism at Chu Hai College in Hong Kong, the University of Strasbourg and the University of Paris. His interests and hobbies include movies, foreign films, PBS documentaries, Qi Kung, Chinese opera, travel, good food, and reading.

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