About KTSF

Company Information

KTSF is locally owned and operated by the Lincoln Broadcasting Company, which is committed to providing quality news, information and entertainment programming in Chinese to Chinese-Americans, and additional programming in other Asian languages.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the 3rd largest Asian television market in the United States. KTSF has been serving the Bay Area Asian community since 1976 – longer than any other Asian television station in the United States.

KTSF is an independent, full-power station, broadcasting wide-screen high-definition programming to over 1.7 million Asian-Americans throughout the 11-county San Francisco Bay Area. KTSF is available in more than 2,450,000 Bay Area households.

KTSF is the only station in the United States broadcasting LIVE, LOCAL NEWSCASTS in Chinese. Altogether KTSF provides viewers with 27 hours of local news each week, including Chinese News @7pm every evening, Chinese News @10pm every night, and KTSF Morning News – 2 hours of live, local news each weekday morning with real-time weather and traffic conditions. Additionally, we broadcast 5 hours of international news each week from China and Taiwan.

KTSF is available free over-the-air on channel 26.1 and Comcast Xfinity Cable channels 8, 708, and 1026 throughout the Bay Area. DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T U-verse also deliver KTSF to every Bay Area customer, as do all major cable systems throughout the Bay Area. KTSF is also carried on Comcast’s hotel packages throughout the market for travelers and business people.

KTSF is available for free on the KTSF App, giving viewers 24/7 streaming access to KTSF news and entertainment programming on Smartphones and Tablets from anywhere in the Bay Area. When traveling, our viewers can watch KTSF news and local programming on the free SBTV app on Computers, Smartphones and Tablets from anywhere in the United States.

KTSF also broadcasts Filipino news, Vietnamese news, and Asian Indian entertainment programs on channel 26.1, as well as providing 24/7 programming on digital channels 26.2 (Diya/Indian), 26.3 (MBC America/Korean), 26.5 (Vietoday/Vietnamese), and 26.6 (VSTV/Vietnamese).