KTSF: The Leading Source of Research on Asian-American Consumer Habits

KTSF not only serves the Asian-American market but we survey it as well. Since 1986 KTSF has commissioned independent research organizations to survey the Bay Area’s nearly 1.7 million Asian Americans. Companies conducting research studies on behalf of KTSF include SRI/Gallup and Interviewing Service of America (ISA). No company knows more about the Asian market than KTSF Television. We are dedicated to help you:

Track the latest trends in Asian market

The most recent study conducted for KTSF by ISA showed some of the following results on Chinese American consumers in the Bay Area:

  • Banking:
    In 2011, 85% of Chinese in the Bay Area are using one of the following four banks: Bank of America, East West Bank, Chase and Wells Fargo.
  • New Car Purchases:
    15% of Chinese planned to buy or lease a new car in 2012, a 5% increase over 2011.
  • Fast Food:
    McDonald’s is the dominant fast food destination (39%). Burger King (13%) and KFC (10%) are also among the top most favorite fast food restaurants for Chinese consumers.
  • Telecommunication:
    The 2011 study shows that cell phones have high penetration among Chinese consumers. 92% of Chinese households have at least one cell phone, with 82% owning two or more.

Reach a broad range of information consistently

KTSF has continued to conduct in-language consumer studies on a yearly basis and now, with more than 20 years of research history behind us, we have a wealth of information available. Over this time we have asked hundreds of questions about a wide variety of products and services.

Some of the categories our study included are:

  • Home furnishings
  • Bank / Financial services
  • Home purchasing plans
  • Cellular phones
  • Political issues
  • Movies
  • Cable / Satellite TV subscriptions
  • Auto ownership / purchase plans
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Brand preference
  • Department stores
  • Life insurance