活動: 七月 15, 2017

All Day
PIER 39 San Francisco

Grab your blankets and head to PIER 39 for outdoor Movie Nights, held the last Friday of every month through September! Before the show, get a bite to eat at one of PIER 39’s restaurants, or take advantage of special Movie Night discounts at participating businesses. At sundown, settle in for a free screening of a classic San Francisco film. For more information and to see the monthly movie schedule, please visit http://www.pier39.com/home/events/39. Movie Nights are just one part of PIER 39’s 39-week long anniversary celebration! Learn more at pier39.com/39.

Movie Nights at PIER 39

11:00 上午 - 4:00 下午

由舊金山中華文化中心策劃的“現在時”系列展覽2017年新展《新都市傳奇:對空間的抵抗》將於2017年5月17日在舊金山華埠具有實驗空間性質的舊呂宋巷41號開幕,並向灣區觀眾展出四個主要的策展或藝術項目。通過與當地社區對話,這些項目嘗試探索城市空間及其中存在的問題。現場展出內容包含視頻、攝影、雕塑和輔助物件,展品除了灣區藝術家韋斯頓·照屋和勞拉·博爾斯·福的創作之外,還邀请了國際策展人帶來中國香港和珠江三角洲的超過二十五名藝術家的創作。《新都市傳奇》這一總項目和在舊金山的展覽由文化中心助理策展人段子迎策劃,由文化中心策展人及藝術總監陳暢監製。在珠江三角洲當地開展的項目由策展人滿宇策劃,在香港的項 目由鄭瑋玲、黃湲婷共同策劃。展覽將一直持續到7月16日。

《新都市傳奇:對空間的抵抗》還將展出香港策展人黃湲婷和鄭偉玲共同策劃的《視線》,同時邀請到場觀眾藉助虛擬現實裝備觀看作品。《視線》探究我們看到的事物和觀看事物的方式如何被物理和社會環境所限定。兩位策展人邀請了五位香港藝術家–“藝術單位”的張嘉莉、鄭怡敏,和何兆南、林建才、林穎詩–進入到一個360度的場景交換當中,并對於彼此的視角進行回應。他們的作品探索香港擁擠的城市景觀, 在這個景觀裡, 人們的視線時常被建築、車流、工地和廢墟阻礙。作品還思考如何持續在2014年支持民主的“雨傘革命”中所凝結的同志/夥伴精神。除了呈現360度全景虛擬現實作品,展覽還將呈現攝影照片,視頻作品以及項目進展過程中的材料。

《新都市傳奇:對空間的抵抗》是文化中心“現在時”系列的第三期展覽。作為一個平台,“現在時”旨在展示中國及中美社區當代文化的新視角,為在灣區及周邊地區的年輕的新興藝術家提供交流展示的機會。自2007年首次開展以來,“現在時”系列展出了由Glen Helfand策劃的《完美未來》(2015年)和由Kevin B. Chen及文化中心合作策劃的《華藝先鋒》(2009年)。

5:00 下午 - 8:30 下午
Music Concourse Bandshell, Golden Gate Park San Francisco

Friday Nights at the de Young programs are after-hours art “happenings” that include a mix of live music, dance and theater performances, film screenings, panel discussions, lectures, artist demonstrations, hands-on art activities, and exhibition tours. Local artists conduct drop-in workshops, debut new commissions, display their art in the Kimball Education Gallery, and take part in conversations about the creative process. The café offers a special Friday Night menu and specialty cocktails, and the observation tower is open until 8 pm. Artist Fellows, Artists-in-Residence, curators, scholars, and arts educators all play an active role in making Friday Nights an engaging museum experience for all.

7:30 下午 - 10:30 下午
Amador Valley Community Park Pleasanton

July 1-16, 2017, Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm

In 2017, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival celebrates 35 years as the Bay Area’s acclaimed provider of free Shakespeare performances with a production of “Hamlet”. The play speaks strongly about disenfranchisement, frustration, and the need for action during troubled times. Hamlet is torn between revenging his father’s murder and going along quietly with the new regime. He shares his inner turmoil in a series of soliloquies which have become familiar all over the world.

Audiences can further their enjoyment of this production by attending a fun and informative 15-minute Green Show, 30 minutes before the performance.

No tickets or reservations are needed for these complimentary shows.


Presented by San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.

For more information:

10:00 上午 - 4:00 下午
SF Conservatory of Flowers San Francisco

Now through January 7, 2018; Daily except Mondays, 10am-4pm

Get eye to eye with a butterfly in the exhibit Butterflies & Blooms at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The popular exhibit has been extended by overwhelming demand until January 7, 2018. The Special Exhibit gallery has been transformed into a beautiful and intimate cottage garden aflutter with hundreds of butterflies on the wing including magnificent monarchs, western swallowtails, painted ladies, and more.

The Butterfly Bungalow at the entrance to the gallery also allows you to observe the pupae in their chrysalis stage. You never know, you may be lucky enough to catch the moment when one of these delicate beauties emerges.

$8 and under.

Presented by Conservatory of Flowers

7:30 下午 - 8:30 下午
Firehouse Arts Center Pleasanton

Date: July 5, 12, 19, 26
Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Creatures of Impulse, the Bay Area’s popular and much-lauded teen improv troupe, presents “Tri-Valley High: THE SERIES 2017″ on Wednesdays in July at 7:30 p.m. The Bay Area’s one-and-only live improvised teen soap opera, presented by Creatures of Impulse, the award-winning Teen Improv Troupe. Four unique shows full of angst, heartbreak, teen drama, and total improvised hilarity. Audience suggestions inspire characters, location, and plot for this interactive and unscripted adventure… no show ever the same!

Students $5, General $10.

Presented by City of Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center.

2:00 下午 - 9:30 下午

1. Thursday, July 6 at 7:30 pm
Schwabacher Summer Concert
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak St., San Francisco
2. Sunday, July 9, 2:30 pm
Bing Concert Hall, Stanford University, Palo Alto
Tickets: $45/$25 (SF) and $25 to $45 (Palo Alto)
Featuring staged scenes from Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana, Moore’s Ballad of Baby Doe, Massenet’s Thaïs, von Weber’s Der Freischütz, and Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia, accompanied by full orchestra, with English supertitles.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak St., San Francisco
Thursday, July 20 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, July 22 at 2:00 pm
La Serva Padrona (Pergolesi), Sāvitri (Holst), and The Bear (Walton)
(English supertitles will accompany each opera)
Tickets: $70/$50
A triple bill of one-act operas
La Serva Padrona is a quintessential operatic work that links history to the present with relatable characters in the form of a cunning young maid and her aging master. In Sāvitri, Holst reaches into the Mahābhārata, one of the great epics of ancient India, focusing on the tale of Death outsmarted by a young woman. The series closes with Walton’s The Bear, where a widow faithful to the memory of her late husband finds unexpected love.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak St., San Francisco
Thursday, August 3 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, August 5 at 2:00 pm
La Cenerentola (Rossini)
(performed in Italian with English supertitles)
Tickets: $70/$50
In Rossini’s warmhearted retelling of the Cinderella story, the evil stepmother has become a wicked stepfather, the fairy godmother a philosopher, and the slipper has been swapped for a bracelet. Goodness and kindness triumph and melody reigns supreme.

8:00 上午 - 5:00 下午
Chinatown Public Health Center 華埠公共衛生局 San Francisco


位於三藩市的華埠公共衛生局 ( 前第四衛生局 ),將於今年 7月份舉辦 “加州兒童護理” 課程。這課程符合加州政府托兒牌照局規格,專為在家中作托兒工作者而設。加州政府規定所有家庭托兒工作者必須接受最少十六小時的兒童護理訓練。

在過去多年中,華埠公共衛生局一直為三藩市及灣區的家庭托兒工作者提供中文教授的 “加州兒童護理” 課程。用國 / 粵語教授的課程,將於7月8日及7月15日 (星期六) ,上午8時至下午5時,假華埠公共衛生局舉行。課程需預先報名,收費為一百八十元,考試合格者,將獲得華埠公共衛生局、美國紅十字會或美國心臟協會證書。

“加州兒童護理” 課程內容包括兒童預防性健康與安全;傳染病的預防;患病兒童的照料;預防兒童損傷;兒童急救技巧及兒童、嬰兒心肺復甦法等等。

華埠公共衛生局位於三藩市美臣街一四九零號,百老匯街隧道頂。如欲索取報名表或問題查詢,請電 (415) 364-7906保健教育部。

All Day


幼儿组:4-7 岁


海选:6/9/2017 到 7/10/2017 (网上递交作品到uschitufb@gmail.com)
** 作品为不超过4分钟的朗诵表演链接或附件(文档格式为mp4, mov等);朗诵题材可为小说,故事,散文,诗歌等;如超过4分钟,会以前4分钟表演为准。
** 所有参赛选手可获得参赛证书。 *入围参赛选手会在7/12号或之前电邮通知入围

初赛:7/15/2017 (Sophia University, 1069 E Meadow Cir, Palo Alto, CA 94303)

复赛:7/16/2017 (Sophia University, 1069 E Meadow Cir, Palo Alto, CA 94303)


**大会按年龄和类别组设置: 金奖 (1名),银奖(1名),铜奖 (1名),优秀奖 (若干)。

**每个年龄段会选出各一名优胜者,会获得由价值上千元的北京6天游的旅行团家庭套餐,并参加 7/28-7/29月在北京举行的决赛。


2**如需要,参赛选手需自备演出服饰,表演道具,音乐 (配乐载体必须为USB盘)。
**音乐格式为MP3,WMA,或WAV, 不得使用CD,DVD, VCD光盘及手机。所有作品报名后请发到 uschitufb@gmail.com


12:00 上午 - 6:00 上午


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