Young cashier in China stays calm during robbery


A young cashier in Nanning City, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was extremely calm when facing a robber and even played her cellphone as the robber ransacked money in the cash machine.

The reason for the cashier’s reaction was that she had been robbed by the same robber three times in just one month. She is already used to it.

The first robbery happened on 04:00 of Oct. 15. The cashier was alone in the store. Suddenly a man rushed in and pointed her with a knife. The cashier was frightened and dared not to move at all. She only called the police after the robber left.

She did not expect to see the robber again after that robbery.

However, 11 days later, the robber showed up for a second time. This time the cashier was experienced enough to deal with the emergency. She stood still and watched the robber quietly. She even gave way to the robber as the man tried to take cigarettes away from the counter.

The third robbery was on Oct. 31. The calm cashier kept looking at her cellphone during the robbery.

The three robbery made the shop owner angry and he called the police. After investigation, the police found the robber was not alone. He has a partner.

What made the whole thing more dramatic was that the robber’s partner, or his girlfriend, used to work in this store but later quit as she had witnessed a robbery during the work. The robber thought it was a fast way to get money and asked his girlfriend to look out for him.

The two were all under arrest for further investigation now.

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