Year Up program helps low-income young adults

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  1. Ally Chen says:

    Dear Ms 萬,

    Could you give me the contact info for the young Chinese instructor that you interviewed in the news ‘Year Up提供弱勢學生就業橋樑’ 2012年 10月 02日 By Jo Wan 萬若全?

    I have some Q for him about how to get qualified for attending the class.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Ally Chen

    • Jo Wan says:

      Hi Ally :
      I am so sorry for the late reply. I hope this is not too late for answering your question. Year Up saw this comment and tried to contact with you, however it didn’t work. Year up is accepting applications now; please check

      Year Up wants to know if you submitted an email to our website. They want to make sure they reach out to you since you are interested in the program.

      Jo Wan

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