Yahoo shuts down email service in China


Millions of Yahoo China email users are switching to other emails as Yahoo China announced that it has decided to shut down its email service on Monday (August 19).

It was once the top email of choice, but now,’s market share has shrunk to only 2 percent, according to statistics.

Twenty-year-old Zhou Yiqiu has been using her Yahoo account for five years.

“It’s simply because I’m very satisfied with its speed, and further more, I think when I have something to do with international affairs, like to connect with my foreign professors or foreign friends, it’s very convenient for me because it’s an international email,” she said, explaining reasons she used Yahoo email.

But the news of the shutdown caught her off guard, and she had to switch to Google email, often known as gmail.

“To be honest, I’m very shocked and a little bit resentful. For me it is very inconvenient because I have to reconnect with my foreign friends and foreign professors,” said Zhou.

Before the service is completely shut down, users are advised to register with AliCloud run by Alibaba, which became yahoo China’s parent company in 2005.

China has some 200 million email users, and nowadays it’s common to have multiple mailbox accounts, as consumers’ demands are changing all the time.

Wan Quan is also one of yahoo China’s users that have been slowly driven away by its competitors.

“The closure won’t affect me too much and I’ve migrated my account to AliCloud. I chose yahoo China ten years ago because at that time there weren’t many other free and quality options, but now I also use qq because it’s easier to send super-sized emails,” said Wan.

Now, the top five e-mail services in China are all provided by Chinese companies. Tencent QQ, Sina, and Sohu are some of Yahoo’s most outstanding rivals.

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