Xinjiang delegate blamed violence on separatists


A delegation from China’s Xinjiang region held an open session on Thursday during the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing.

During the session, Nur Bekri, governor of the Uighur Autonomous Region addressed the issue of increased violence in the Xinjiang region, following an attack in Kunming on Saturday in which 29 people were killed.

Bekri said that “there are always foreign external forces interfering and promoting” acts of terrorism “from behind the scenes.”

He attributed the growth of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang to “people with ulterior motives, people who do not want a unified powerful China.”

Party Head of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Zhang Chunxiang declared that “the only way of cracking down on terrorism is by heavy-handed measures and to conduct rapid responses to crack down on them.”

Chunxiang also said the attacks are part of a “growing tendency in a world of conservative and extremist forces”.

Chinese officials have said the attack in the southern city of Kunming was instigated by separatists from the far west region of Xinjiang, home to the ethnic Uighur minority.

Police fatally shot four of the suspects and have the other four in custody.

The NPC observed a moment of silence for the victims of the attack during its opening session on Wednesday.

The leadership has condemned the attack and vowed an unrelenting crackdown on terrorism.

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