Xinjiang attack in games room caught on camera


China’s state broadcaster released security footage on Tuesday showing a knife attack on people in a card room in Xinjiang, a clash that drew armed security forces amid raising ethnic tensions in the far-western region.

The reports gave no details on a motive for the Sunday evening attack in Hotan city in the region’s south, in which four people were injured.

Two of the attackers were killed and the third one was wounded and captured, state media reported.

A report on the Hotan government’s website said the civilians who had been playing chess fought back and sounded an alarm, which led people from neighbouring businesses and others to come and encircle the attackers with unspecified weapons.

The surveillance footage shows armed patrol forces arriving and going after the attackers with the help of locals.

Calls to Hotan’s publicity department and police rang unanswered.

The Chinese government says it faces grave extremist threats from people seeking independence for Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority, and has vowed severe punishments.

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