Poll: Working later in life increases lifespan

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

Making and answering phone calls are part of everyday job of Kwong Sang Tam, a gentleman in his 90s working at his own store in San Francisco Chinatown. He starts work at 7:30 am and goes home at 6:30 pm everyday, seven days a week.

Tam says, “Life is like a knife. When you use it, it doesn’t become rusty. If people keep doing exercise and keep working, they can become energetic. Otherwise, they may feel unhappy.”

90多歲的譚廣生仍在自己的商店工作 Kwong Sang Tam, in his 90s, still works at his own stores in San Francisco Chinatown (KTSF)

According to the poll released by the Assocaite Press – NORC Center for Public Affair Research finds 75% respondants put off their retirement plan because of the health benefits.

Tam also states that working is a kind of exercise and can help to keep your brain more active.

The survey also shows some 82% of workers 50 and older say it’s at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement. Nearly 50% of them now expect to retire later than they previously thought.

The researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that older adults are now the fastest-growing segment of the American workforce; people 55 and up are forecast to make up one-fourth of labor force nationwide in 2020.

Tam says he has no big health problem until now and never thought about about his retirement. “What I’m thinking right now is to continue to work, and work, ” said Tam.

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