Woman trapped beside China’s Yellow River rescued


A woman who became trapped in deep silts beside the Yellow River was rescued by firefighters on Monday in Wenxian County of central China’s Henan Province.

On arriving at the scene, the firefighters and local police officers first instructed the woman to spread her arms and tilt her head upwards so as to slow the speed at which she was sinking.

The woman said that, before the rescuers arrived, she had already begun to experience difficulty breathing.

Three of the rescuers walked and crawled through to thigh-deep silt with a safety rope, which they tied to the woman’s body so as to pull her free off mud.

With the help of rescuers on the riverbank, the woman was eventually pulled to safety, with the whole rescue operation finished in about 40 minutes.

After being rescued, the woman was conscious and not in any life-threatening danger.

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