Woman: 911 down when intruder breaks into home


A woman from Everett, Wash., says she called 911 at least 37 times early Thursday when an intruder broke into her home, but she couldn’t get through during a statewide outage of the emergency call system.

Alicia Cappola told KIRO (http://bit.ly/1iDb2T9) she armed herself with a knife and confronted a man who crawled through a window. He ran out of the house.

Cappola finally reached someone about an hour after her first call.

Police Lt. Robert Goetz (gets) said Friday that an officer took a report about the incident. A Snohomish County dispatch center said there wasn’t anyone available early Friday to comment.

CenturyLink spokeswoman Kerry Zimmer said there was no word yet on the cause of the outage in Washington. She says it was unrelated to a similar Oregon outage caused by a technical problem.

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  1. John says:

    This is not the first time happening. I’ve been telling everyone not to rely on the police to protect you. They have no obligation to protect anyone. Don’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and google “Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone.” Get yourself an AR-15 and take a firearm training course. Gun control laws will not stop criminals from getting any firearms. You, the law-abiding citizens, are the ones who will be affected by the gun control laws. Relying on someone else for protection is asking for trouble.

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