Wild amur tiger attacks livestock in Northeast China


A wild Amur tiger has attacked livestock four times in the past two weeks in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, according to local officials.

Xu Guangyun, a farmer from Shengli Forest Farm in Huanan County, found a cow dying from multiple cuts on its neck and legs on July 3. He immediately reported to the local forestry administration. Experts from the administration came and found the cattle’s backbone broken and paw prints nearby the dying cattle. They confirmed the culpable beast was an Amur tiger.

“Its paw prints are a little bit bigger than 10 centimeters. We can tell it is a female tiger more than 3 years old from its palm width,” said Sun Haiyi, deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Wildlife Research Institute.

Before the attack, the wild Amur tiger attacked livestock on June 19, 21, and 29 of this year. Wild Amur tigers have not been spotted in the region for 19 years, according to Sun. The frequent attacks indicate that its living area is expanding.

“This mainly is attributable to various measures we have been taking, such as protecting natural forests, merging forest farms and relocating the population for the sake of protecting the environment. All these measures help to restore forests and improve the habitat environment for animals,” said Wei Diansheng, director of Heilongjiang Forest Industry Administration.

Wild Amur tigers mainly live in the forest at the border between China and Russia, said Sun. The reason that the female came to an inland forest 200 kilometers away from the border might be that her territory had been occupied by stronger tigers, or that she gave her territory to her cub, which is grown up now.

This female tiger is inspecting the region, Sun said. If she finds the region suitable for living, she may settle down in the forest.

Farmers whose livestock get killed or injured by an Amur tiger can get 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan for compensation, according to Shi Yinglin, deputy director of Huanan County Forestry Administration.
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