What is an HIV Oral Test

(KTSF by Kristen Kayan Choy)

There are fears about HIV testing’s among the Asian Pacific Islander community. To increase HIV/AIDs awareness, a HIV testing specialist demonstrates the procedure of an oral HIV test to educate the community.

Carmen Chen works for the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center in San Francisco as the Youth Program Specialist. Chen conducted an oral HIV test with a volunteer at the center to show how a simple test can prevent the spread of an HIV/AIDS infection.

According to the API Wellness Center, 32% of HIV patients at their medical clinic are of Chinese descent. Chen said the oral test is highly confidential, and they provide multilingual services that serve the needs of the Asian community.

The test begins with an understanding of the patient’s sexual history and concerns, and counseling. The estimated time of the oral test runs from 20 to 40 minutes. An oral swab is only needed without an invasive blood draw. Two pink lines showing up on the applicator mean positive and a single line means negative. If the test result is positive, another blood test will be performed to ensure the result is correct.

The center said an oral test costs about $60 per test. The cost of the follow-up blood test is about $100 per test.

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