Weddings on a special day

(KTSF by Sean Au)

121212 is an easy number to remember. How about that for a wedding date? After all, there would be no excuse for forgetting one’s wedding anniversary. Many among the Chinese community who like even numbers also picked this day to tie the knot.

San Francisco ‘s City Hall was filled with couples to be married along with their friends and family. On this, their wedding day, many chose their favorite spots to say “I do” but this Christmas tree seemed to be the most popular spot.

66 couples registered to get married today in City Hall and it became extremely busy right around 12 noon. One lucky couple managed to be married at 12:12pm. Some of them booked an appointment relatively easily but one couple said they had to check the schedule for a few days and book the date once they saw that it was available.

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    Can i get to see the 12/12/12 Weddings on a special day news clip,I married on this day.My friend talk to me,she’s looked your channel and sew my married in a news clip,possible i can see your clip because i never seen that clip.Please renew that clip agian,thank you very much.

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