Visitacion residents return home

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission reveals that the waterpipe that ruptured yesterday in the Visitacion district had only been replaced for less than 9 months. While repair work continues, evacuated residents return home today.

Some affected residents returned in the morning to check on their homes, and others came back for some necessities.

The area around the flooded homes and rupture site remains closed. Construction workers removed traffic signs on Tomaso Court, and opened up a temporary roadway for emergency vehicles, so that evacuated residents could return home today.

According to the SFPUC, waterpipe and road repair work will continue for approximately a week. Catania Galval, Coordinator of Citizen Involvement of the SFPUC says that the ruptured 42″ main had only been replaced for less than 9 months, and they do not know if the cause of the incident was structural or due to a defect of the pipe. The won’t know until the investigation is complete.

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