Video shows violent school bus crash in Tacoma

A school bus driver is under investigation after setting off a violent crash involving a truck and another school bus.

Video from inside the two buses captured the impact.

The collision- last monday on state route 509 in Tacoma – is violent and scary.

A scream, shattered glass and crumpled metal – state troopers tell me the school bus driver hit a pick-up truck then another school bus.

Take a look at this camera view from onboard the bus that got hit.

Watch out the back- you can see that pick-up truck pushed across the highway and then the collision.

And watch what happened to the bus driver who got rear-ended.

“Oh wow…”

We showed the video to parents like dave mcmullen who’s child rides the bus everyday.

“Does that video scare you as a parent?”

“Oh absolutely- absolutely.”

“That’s crazy…”

Cynthia snyder’s daughter rides the bus everyday too.

“I’m not sure – I’m not sure how to react to that…”

State troopers ticketed the female bus driver for negligent driving.

And now Tacoma public schools tells me they are investigating whether the driver was wearing her seatbelt properly.

On video- when the driver un-clipped her seatbelt- it’s clear wore the lap-belt, but the shoulder strap was tucked behind her back the whole time. state-troopers tell me it’s against the law to wear a seatbelt different from how it was designed to be worn.

A spokesperson for tacoma public schools tells me it’s their policy.

That all bus drivers obey state seatbelt laws while a spokesperson for Durham. the company that contracts with tacoma schools- tells me that’s their policy too.

“Any passengers? No thank God, both of us are empty and we’re returning to the yard.”

No children were onboard either bus at the time- parents say thank goodness.

There’s no word if the bus driver will be suspended or not.

State troopers say nobody was hurt in the crash.

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