Video: Bear tries eating camera

Naturalist photographer Brad Josephs captures amazing pictures and videos of the great outdoors and the wildlife that lives there.

But even he couldn’t believe the scene he caught on camera during a recent documentary film shoot in Alaska.

This is joseph’s go-pro camera set-up to shoot grizzly bears during the filming of the great bear stakeout for the b-b-c.

You can see the camera records the antics of a young grizzly.

The curious bear is trying to figure out exactly what the gadget on the ground is.

He sniffs it.

He paws it around.

He licks it and seems to debate whether to try and eat it.

it’s doubtful you could ever film the inside of a live grizzly bear’s mouth if you set out to do it….and survive the encounter.

but Jospeh managed to do just that….capturing close-ups of the teeth and throat and even the ridges in the top of the bear’s mouth.

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