Vehicle blow-out frequent in East China


Vehicle blow-out or self-ignition have frequently happened recently in Ningbo, East China’s Zhejiang Province.

A pick-up truck blew out and ran into a semi-trailer on the Hangzhou Bay Bridge of the city on Monday. The goods fell off the trailer, leading to a traffic jam.

The driver of pick-up said the truck was out of control when the right rear wheel blew-out so he swerved and ran into the semi-trailer.

Another truck burst into flame Monday morning, no casualty was reported.

“The truck was in good condition,” said the driver. Yet according to the police, the high temperature led to circuit aging, which finally ignited.

“The ground is hot, and the tires of long-distance trucks are also hot because of the long and fast working. So the tires blow more frequently. Also, the high temperature might melt the rubber and wire, which causes the fire,” said Xu Honghai, police of Ningbo Highway Command Center.

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