USC honors two Chinese students


(KTSF by Sean Au)

University of Southern California held a memorial service for the two Chinese graduate students, Ying Wu and Ming Qu, who we’re killed in last week’s off campus shooting incident.

The memorial service, held at the the Shrine Auditorium on Wednesday evening, was attended by more than a thousand students, most of them fellow Chinese students which form the majority of the school’s foreign student population. The parents of the two students who died were also present.

Also present, was the Ambassador and Consul General of China based in Los Angeles Shaofang Qiu, who wanted to extend his condolences to the families as well as to affirm the consulate’s resolve to help the families. Qiu also expressed his shock and concern over the crime. “We hope that our students have the knowledge to protect themselves,” says Qiu.

“We often publish reminders on our website to ask students to avoid staying out at night. This is because Southern California is not a very safe place, especially in this area. I have seen from a report that there has been more than 500 such cases in this area in the past five years. This shows that this area is not very safe.”

Students who attended the memorial service came with sadness and grief. Most of them are Chinese students but there are non Chinese students present as well. The service lasted over an hour. The Dean of the Office of Religious Life, Varun Soni led the services, prayed for the students and expressed the school’s hope for the police to apprehend the homicide suspect soon. There was a minute of silence and Soni bowed deeply toward the projected images of Ying Wu and Ming Qu.

President of USC C.L. Max Nikias announced that the university will set up a scholarship fund in honor of Wu and Qu. The school hopes that their dreams will be fulfilled by future students. Close friends of Wu and Qu also spoke at the service.

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