US jobless rate falls to 7.8%

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  1. kawahchan says:

    The 2014 Gov. RICK PERRY Report: We Republican & TEA Congress and Senate are glad to see the nation is improving the UNEMPLOYMENT rate down to 7.8%, at least from now since Republican House Speaker JOHN BOEHNER of Ohio and the majority of Republican & TEA Congress floor taking our responsibility since 2011, American people FIRED the Grandma Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. Republicans encourage the Republican town Williston, North Dakota (ND) will accept more Conservative blue-collar’s oil & gas workers & families to relocate to ND, instead to Texas (are full now). The end-of-2012, the US Congress & Senate may NOT have to extend another year of Obama’s UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS as the 4th time during Obama in White House.

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