University police track down a mother’s iPhone

A university police sergeant turned detective to track down a mother’s i-Phone.

And this was no ordinary lost phone — on it were precious photos of the woman’s son, who was hospitalized and in a coma.

At UC Davis medical center cell phones are lost every day…..

“There are probably 10-15 every day.”

So when police sergeant Walter Watt heard Silvia Leon lost her phone, it wasn’t anything new that is until what he learned what was on the phone.

“All my moments that I had before this happened, were in that phone.”

“It had all the pictures of her son on there and she really wanted it back.”

Pictures of her son roy who’s still in a coma after suffering a brain aneurysm a month ago…

After sgt. watt received a call from the family to check surveillance cameras …

What seemed impossible, finding a cell phone, sergeant watt made it his mission..

With the help of this camera.. he tracked down who walked out of the bathroom with it.

“She says I have your phone, I just didn’t know who the phone belonged to or what to do with it.”

And after getting the phone back… this one time oakland police officer was now the happiest delivery man around.

“ahh she cried…. she was very happy.

“It was a really rough day that day and when he walked in and gave me my phone back he rebuild our hope there’s always hope everything…”

Hope made possible by watt…. now she’s focused on her son’s recovery ….

So she’ll have new memories to capture..

“I am grateful he did get our phone back.”

“It meant a made me feel good that i helped her out.”

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