Under the Same Sky: The Excelsior District: The growing population of Chinese: Political influence in the future


(KTSF by Lynne Ku)

The Excelsior has always been a neighborhood of working families: Parents go to work and their children go to school. May Wong, the newly elected president of the Excelsior District Improvement Association, says ” it was a great place to grow up because you learned to be independent.” Now, the neighborhood has changed. Richard Mitra, a long time resident in the Excelsior says “some of the working class people here are in the computer business or high tech business. So instead of seeing cars that are old chevys, you can have high end cars. If you drive down the street, you’ll see some Mercedes which I never saw when I came here.” Residents feel that Excelsior is upgrading itself. With more and more Chinese residents in the Excelsior, Chinese Americans are starting to think that they should have a voice in City Hall.

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