Under the Same Sky: Indian population


(KTSF By Jo Wan)

There is an old joke circulating around Silicon Valley : “Silicon Valley is built on an Integrated Circuit – IC.” They aren’t referring to chips, but to Indian and Chinese engineers because they are the largest groups of immigrants in Silicon Valley. These two groups share the same values: family, education, and yet are very competitive in jobs and schools. In Silicon Valley, Radha Radhakrishna says “My company has a lot are Chinese, we think alike, we are all professional engineers, we do the same work.” Chinese engineers were dominated by Taiwanese before the 1980′s. Immigrants from Mainland China are a growing presence in the valley since then. However, according to the 2010 census, the Indian population makes up 22.6% of Cupertino’s population and has become the fastest growing group in Silicon Valley. That Indian influence is soaring is obvious in Cupertino such as Indian’s restaurants, celebrating Dawali and playing cricket. The US National Cricket tournament was held twice in Cupertino. Kinjal Buch, founder of the California Cricket Academy says “I think cricket is a common subject that kids can talk to their grandparents, to their parents.”



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