Under the Same Sky: History of Cupertino


(KTSF By Jo Wan)

When people talk about Cupertino, people think the well known headquarters of Apple Inc. Before the middle of the 20th century, Cupertino was still a village with orchards and farms. Donna Austin who was born and raised in Cupertino recalled: “When I was growing up, there were no freeways, no 280, no 17. El Camino took you all the way to San Francisco. There was really just a sleepy town and all orchards. Every summer, as soon as school was out, we had to cut costs. “

Now Cupertino is one of many cities that claim to be the “heart” of Silicon Valley.

According to the 2010 census, the Asian population rose to about 63% from 44% in 2000, while the percentage of Caucasians fell to about 29% from 48%.
Is the Caucasian population moving out? According to Darryl Stow, Founder of Leadership Cupertino,” They are not, they are just dying. It’s an aging population. “

Immigrants from India appear to be the fastest -growing group in recent years followed by immigrants from Taiwan in the 1990s. The number one reason for attracting Asian families to Cupertino is the city’s highly rated public schools. Despite the fierce competition for schools, people who live in Cupertino think “It’s still the best community they ever lived in.”

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