Under the Same Sky: Education in Cupertino


(KTSF By Jo Wan)

“I think kids education predominate the Asian community” says Cupertino resident Mahesh Nihalani. Many Chinese and Indian immigrants moved to Cupertino for it’s well known high achieving primary and secondary schools. Monta Vista High School is ranked number 23 out of all the public schools in the nation. However, the rapid influx of Asians to Cupertino community has spawned temporary tension especially on education. On November , 2005, the Wall Street Journal’s special report entitled, The New White Flight, raised many controversial issues between Asian and Caucasian communities. The article pointed out that , in Silicon Valley, two high schools with outstanding academic reputations are losing Caucasian students as Asian students move in. Cupertino resident Darryl Stow feels that despite fierce competition, Cupertino is a great community. Othersuch as Chinese and Indian parents think the competition makes kids and schools better. Another Caucaisan resident Helene Davis feels the peer pressure is really what helps her two daughters strive to succeed. They are surrounded by people who are very well-educated.

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