Under the Same Sky: Crimes in Bayview

(KTSF by Angelina Wong)

Maggie Lloyd-Agnew had six children. Three of her sons were killed in violent crimes in the Bay Area. Her youngest son was murdered a block from her home in Bay View. The heart broken mother is still hurting but she faces the tragedies bravely. With the support from her church and a support group, Lloyd-Agnew becomes an outspoken advocate for the Bay View fighting for public safety, housing and jobs. This story also features Corwin Cooley, videographer for KTSF news team. Cooley grew up in Bay View and loves this neighborhood. He witnessed violent crimes when some of his friends being sent to jail or died. Cooley shares his struggle of growing up in the Bay View and his expectation for his three-year-old son Lyric.

Corwin Cooley’s Story

Lloyd-Agnew’s Story

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