Under the Same Sky: Asian supermarket


(KTSF By Jo Wan)

Before the 1980s, there was no Chinese supermarket chain in Silicon Valley. Chinese immigrants had to go to San Francisco’s Chinatown to buy their native food. Steve Huang was a Taiwanese immigrant at that time when there was only one Chinese grocery store in Cupertino. Then he decided to open a Chinese supermarket to serve Chinese immigrants needs. He recalled there was no Chinese signs allowed in the city of Cupertino at that time. It took him almost one year to complete the approval process in order to meet the city’s standards. He recalled that on the day of the grand opening, the crowds almost broke the door down. The competition among these supermarkets in the late 1990s was so intense that every single one of them offered big discounts. This type of Asian shopping plaza had a big impact on the economy while increasing the variety of products and services available to Asian shoppers. The success of Chinese supermarkets also reflected the decline of mainstream supermarkets in the surrounding area. Should Chinese be blamed for the closing of mainstream supermarkets

Steve Andrews, long-term Cupertino resident says, “As a businessman, I look at business is business. People will shop where they get the product they want, the service they want, they price they want.”


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