UC launches crowdfunding scholarship campaign


The University of California has launched a six-week crowdfunding campaign, Promise for Education, to raise money for student scholarships.

The campaign, which was launched Wednesday, will encourage individuals to make a personal promise like running a marathon, volunteering or growing a beard, then set a crowdfunding goal and share their promise through social media.

Donations can then be made to see the promises fulfilled and all proceeds will go to University of California students with financial needs, according to university officials. Promise for Education is the latest addition to the university’s Project You Can campaign, which aims to raise $1 billion for student support by 2014.

Celebrities and notable public figures are appearing in public service announcements and creating promises to encourage public engagement. Jamie Foxx, David Spade and Gabrielle Union are among the celebrities participating in the campaign, according to university officials.

Sponsors of the campaign include Facebook, Bank of America and Spotify.

To make a promise, make a donation or to learn more about the campaign, people can go to promiseforeducation.org.

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