China: Two toddlers found dead in a washing machine

Two little sisters were found dead in a washing machine at home on Saturday in east China’s Jiangxi Province.

One of the two sisters is three years old, and the other is two. When the tragedy took place, their parents were at home, with their mother cooking, and their father listening to music in the bedroom.

According to one of the girls’ relatives, the sisters were found bleeding in the washing machine. Their parent sent them to hospital immediately, but there was no hope at all to save them.

The girls’ relatives buried them Saturday afternoon, as entrusted by the girls’ parent. Local police officers got the news on Sunday morning, when the girls’ relatives asked for information about compensation, as they suspected that the girls had died of the washing machine’s malfunction.

According to Mr. Tu, a friend of the girls’ parents, maybe the two girls crawled into the washing machine, and the cover closed accidentally. Then the machine started rotating.

An autopsy of the two girls was carried out on Tuesday, and further investigation is underway.
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