Two pigs found under rocks 45 days after earthquake


Two pigs were found Tuesday in ruins in the Baoxing County 45 days after a 7-magnitude earthquake hit Ya’an City of southwest China’s Sichuan Province on April 20.

Villagers said they found the two pigs under rocks when they were cleaning the ruins on Tuesday afternoon.

“They were about 40 kilograms before the earthquake, but now only about 25 kilograms because they have been starving for more than 40 days,” said Zhang Mingfen, the villager.

Villagers found that a small place, about 0.4 meter high, 0.3 meter wide and 3 meters long, was left between the collapsed precast slab and the wall.

The two pigs were unable to move or even stand in the small place, so they didn’t consume too much energy, surviving by soil and rainwater.

“I think the pigs could survive for more than 40 days because there is a fractured precast slab collapsed, living a triangle space just large enough for the pigs, about 40 centimeters,” said Li Deming, one witness.
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