Two-month twin girls joined at liver separated in China


Doctors in east China’s Jiangxi Province on Tuesday did a two-hour surgery to separate two-month-old twin girls who were joined at belly and liver.

The girls are in the intensive care unit in the Children’s Hospital of Jiangxi Province, with all their monitored life parameters being normal.

The surgery was very successful, according to their doctor Huang Jinshi, who added that further recovery is also very crucial.

“It can only be said that the surgery was successful,” Huang said, “Separating them apart is only the first step.”

The doctors separated the two girls’ largely joined livers during the surgery, leaving big cuts on the livers, and the doctors must be alert to any possible bleeding of the cuts, Huang said.

If the girls recover well from the surgery, they can leave hospital in about two weeks, Huang added.

The twin girls weighted only 4.6 kilograms when they were just born, and before the surgery they had grown into nine kilograms, which was a basic requirement for separation.

Both of the girls have individual sets of complete organs except for their joined livers. That fact makes it more likely for them to be separated and survive, according to Tao Qiang, vice president of the Children’s Hospital of Jiangxi Province.

The doctors also took a series of examinations and preparations in order to conduct the surgery and separate the girls smoothly, Tao said.

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