Twin babies sold by Chinese trafficking ring reunited with parents

A glimmer of hope in the baby trafficking scandal that has rocked china.

These tiny bundles are twin newborn girls, allegedly stolen by a maternity doctor in western China and sold to traffickers.

They were reunited on the weekend with their parents – the mother wang yan yan overcome with joy.

When i met her just days ago, wang felt betrayed – lied to right as she gave birth.

“The doctor was pretending to be very anxious, telling me that my babies have genetic defects. the doctor said the twins would be brain damaged or paralyzed.”

She says she begged to see the children, but the doctor wouldn’t let them…. for two months, they thought their children were dead.

The doctor allegedly sold the twins onto a human trafficking ring for three thousands dollars each.

They were separated and found by police in different parts of China.

The case has generated huge interest and alarm here….but the twin girls took the attention in their stride.

According to state media, at least 55 parents say their children could have been taken by the same doctor.

And for those parents, they will be hoping for emotional reunions of their own.

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