KTSF’s signal is now transmitted from new transmitters. Over-the-air viewers, please re-scan your TV if you lost our signal.

Signal is now transmitted from 2 transmitters:
One located at Mt. Allison in South Bay, please use loop antennas to receive the signal.
One located at Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, please use rabbit ears antennas to receive the signal.


How to rescan your TV set:

  1. Press the Menu Button on your remote
  2. Choose the Channel option. On some remote, the Channel option is under the Setup category
  3. Make Sure the Channel Source is set to Antenna
  4. Choose Find Channel to re-scan your TV. On some remote, this option is call Auto Tuning. Once done, you will be able to watch KTSF again.

(All TV manufacturers differ; please refer to the TV)

Signal strength is various due to terrain, for some areas, you may need to spend more time to find the signal. Please move around your antenna to different places in your home and re-scan, or try with different antennas. If you receive 26.1 or 26.2 after you re-scan, but the signal is unstable or the screen is black, you can consider using antenna amplifier to boost the signal.
Thanks for your comments. If you have any question on how to receive our signal, please contact us. KTSF will keep serving the Asian community with quality programming.