Tiger mauls trainer at Austrailia Zoo

Australia zoo says the tiger which mauled its trainer at the sunshine coast animal park yesterday will not be put down.

David Styles is recovering after surgery on two large puncture wounds to his neck.

These are not the photos tourist came to take. visitors looked on horrified as experienced trainer dave styles was attacked by a sumatran tiger.

“It sort of jumped up on him and grabbed him here and he fell under the water and all the trainers sort of started going bizerk like trying to get the tiger off him.”

It happened during play time right after the three o’clock show as spectators filmed the chaos as colleagues rushed to David’s rescue. the tiger still on the prowl.

“We tried to get him out of the water and it attacked him again by the legs”

The thirty three year old was bitten on the neck and shoulder. he was bleeding heavily.

conscious but shocked he was airlifted to brisbane where mum was waiting.

“Thought it was maybe one of the cubs, might have been playing with one of the cubs. I wasn’t expecting anything like this”

The tiger’s future is still unknown.

The Australian zoo has launched an investigation.

It says the animal didn’t mean to attack.

It was simply excited.

“Unfortunately it got a bit too excited and just grabbed him in that spot and let go pretty much immediately once they other handlers grabbed him”

Animal rights group peta says the attack was preventable.

It wants the zoo penalized for allowing staff to risk their lives.

A senior handler david has worked at the sunshine coast attraction for nine years.

“Works with the tigers. Loves animals, always worked with animals.”

A job mom hopes he’ll return too soon.

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