Three-year old girl rescued from sixth-floor window


A three-year old fell through the security bars on a sixth-floor window at her home and hung there by her head until being rescued Wednesday in the city of Fuyang, east China’s Anhui Province.

The girl climbed to the windowsill at around 05:00 after getting up and finding that her grandmother wasn’t at home. She fell down when standing on the railing of the security window and her neck became stuck in a gap between window bars.

Local residents saw the girl when passing by the building and called firefighters at once. Some neighbors brought out a heavy quilt to catch the girl in if she were to fall.

A resident living just under the girl on the fifth floor also held a quilt out from the window as well.

Realizing her situation, the girl started to cry. Neighboring residents shouted to the girl, encouraging her to hold on and wait to be rescued.

The firefighters reached the girl using a rescue rope from the rooftop. A firefighter that was lowered down right beside the hanging girl was able to lift her back through the security bars and into the apartment.
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