31-pound cat’s weight-loss program

A 31-pound cat is joining the battle of the bulge. The cat has been ordered by vets to lose weight or put his health at risk.

Tennessee’s obesity problem is apparently not limited to people.

“My cat weighs 19 pounds and I thought that was big.”

This ‘Southpaw’ weighs in at a ridiculous 31 pounds. more than twice the weight of your average cat.

Penny Adams who runs “The Cat Shoppe” rescued Buddah from Metro Animal Control after his previous owner gave him up.

“All I know is there was a death in the family and the owner wasn’t able to care for him anymore.”

Kept inside a round ‘pen’ inside adams’ shoppe, buddah spends most of the day lounging around, picking at the cat food they have for him. Not that he likes it very much.

“Our vet believes he was on people food. And we believe it too because when we were eating our lunch here the other day he went bonkers wanting our lunch.”:

What does a fat cat eat?

“We know he likes pasta because that’s what we had for lunch here and he wanted some of that.”

Sound familiar?

Surprisingly the 31 pound Buddah still has cat-like moves. And he doesn’t bully the smaller cats.

“He’s a sweet cat.”

“How’s his health?”

“The vets have given him a clean bill of health. We’ve did an extensive blood test and listened to his heart.”

But doctors say if he doesn’t lose weight, he might not be around much longer.

“To me, it’s neglect to let a cat get this large. Of course everybody likes a good fat cat story, and it’s a little comical to see, but in the end it’s his health and we want what’s best for him.”

Once he gets a doctor’s okay, buddah will go on a strict diet of cat food and exercise by hitting the a kittie treadmill.

“We can help him lose 12 pounds or a third of his body weight — that’s huge.”

Adams and other volunteers are accepting donations to help pay for Buddha’s medical treatment and hopes that in a year, he’ll weigh 19 pounds and be ready for adoption.

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