Third grader saves choking classmate

“Hero” is a heavy label to put on somebody who is just in the third grade.

But what else do you call a boy who saves another boy’s life?

We’re all in the same class.

The biggest thing on the minds of zach furman, fletcher dypwick, and aiden roberts is how to get through two more days of school to summer vacation, but a couple of weeks ago there was something much bigger in their lives.

One more time.

So I got my thing here and pulled up.

Zach gave fletcher the heimlich because they were outside the school on picnic day when fletcher suddenly ran into something and couldn’t chew.

Smiley fries. They’re about that big. They’re about this big. They’re huge.

When Zach Sprang into action, Aiden moved too.

I thought he was throwing up for a second, Zach goes no no he’s choking so I ran over and got teachers.

How many nine year olds do you know that can do the heimlich.

Two weeks before the incident, Zach’s dad Matt taught him how.

I didn’t want Zach or his brother to feel powerless if they saw a friend in need.

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